So last Friday I came home from work to find THIS…

Exhibit A.

I was so, so, SO incredibly excited to see that it was from Chen Design Associates in San Francisco, because this meant that a piece I submitted way back got accepted for their handmade design book, Fingerprint 2.

This is my wedding invitation, RSVP and thank you cards that made it. My wedding took place in a garden, so I wanted the invitation to have a flower theme, but more modern. I think the poppy line art managed to capture that without being overly sweet or sentimental.


Thank you card.

RSVP card.

For the people that made it into the book, Chen Design Associates sent out a gorgeous notification package that included several letterpress postcards that were designed by people such as Debbie Millman. You can see some of the postcards below.


Love this illustration from Esquire magazine. The way that magazine is designed is all around awesome.

See this guy? His name is Tom Hardy, and he is an incredible British actor.  If you watched Inception, he was the Forger dude. I first saw him in a British for-TV version of Wuthering Heights, and then I saw him in Bronson. Couldn’t believe it was the same guy! I swear, he’s the next Daniel Day-Lewis. He’s gonna win an Oscar, and I hope he does more Hollywood movies in the future. I also recommend him in Rock ‘N Rolla…he totally deserves the moniker Handsome Bob 😀

Welcome to the South y’all!

If you have ever wanted something that was both whimsical with a touch of naughty, Lochers is pour vous! These very ladylike items have some not so ladylike messages written on them. It’s as if  Julie Andrews decided to be more like Angelina Jolie, but kept the nun habit. Check out the website,, to view all the sweet goodies.

I absolutely love these little clay figurines called Plinis. They’re lovingly created by Jamie of MagicBeanBuyer .

Check out her Flickr page for more lovelies.

Genevieve Woodford is an artist located in Petworth, England, who uses linocuts to create beautiful prints. She started about a year and a half ago, and so far she’s gotten a great response to her work. I came across her work on etsy and I just HAD to purchase one of her prints. I love the colors and the intricate details that were captured. And at $15, it’s definitely something anyone can afford. Genevieve says that “It dawned on me that this could be a good little business idea – Affordable art anyone can enjoy. These weren’t ‘one offs’ so they needn’t be expensive, but they still have that handmade original feel – they are still signed original prints.”

To get to know Genevieve a little better, I asked her to fill out the classic Proust questionnaire.

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery? The end of a close relationship

What is your idea of happiness? Love and friendship

Who are your favorite heroes of fiction? Father Christmas!

Who are your favorite characters in history? King Charles

Your favorite painter? Raphael

Your favorite musician? Vivaldi

The quality you most admire in a man? Honour

The quality you most admire in a woman? Understanding

Your favorite virtue? Politeness