Let’s Trade!

Ok, so I’ve been cleaning out the dust bunnies and came across some stuff that I don’t need anymore, but I can’t get myself to throw it out. So, I decided that I’ll just trade it for something else. So far I have some books, but there will be more stuff in the future. If you are interested in anything, please drop me a line and let’s trade!

1) Book. How to lose friends and alienate people (Toby Young).

This book is an autobiographical account of Toby Young’s life, but after reading it, I would consider it more of a scholarly sort of book, with a lot of social commentary on the USA vs. England scenes (esp. London). Not all of it is favorable, but if you are intrigued by this sort of stuff, this is pretty good. Also, the stuff that Mr.Young does to gain attention, be it from his boss or the ladies, will leave you laughing…or just scratching your head. This stuff is so outrageous, which proves that Truth is stranger than Fiction. Also, the movie doesn’t really do it justice.

2) Book. Home (Julie Andrews)

If you love Ms.Andrews and would like to know more about her early life, this is a very good read. It moves a little slowly, but you will not believe the rough childhood she had, living through WWII, being the lone supporter of her family, and all other kinds of intrigue. The book ends with her moving to L.A. to work on Mary Poppins, so I can’t wait for a second installment of her life.

3. Book. Water for Elephants (Sara Gruen)

The movie’s coming out, featuring Robert Pattinson. That is all.


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