Well, well, well…look who made it in the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden ad.

People, this came as a complete surprise to me that my sweet hubby and I are in a DSBG ad, but there you go. Our wonderful photographer, Thomas Geist, did such an awesome job with our photos that I can’t recommend him highly enough! Also, I love my dress. Still.

ps: why does it look like hubby is drinking my blood? and I look like I think it’s the most hysterical thing ever?


‘Nuff said. Also, it makes Comic Sans cool.

What are some of your favourite stamps?

This is my favorite nail color to wear this summer, peach daiquiri by essie. It’s a really nice coral-y kind of color, not too orange, but with enough punch to make a girl feel glam.

This is just a quick post on the e-blasts and website for Brunswick Islands. I don’t know who does their design, but I really really like it. I think the font, colors, and photos are perfect. They totally capture the magical, summery vibe and I really want to go there now 😀

This weekend I helped my sister move to Vermont; a longer drive I have never been on. We passed through Virginia, W. Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York. WHEW !! I wasn’t sure what to expect once we actually arrived, but I was pleasantly surprised. Green Mountains on one side, Adirondack mountains on the other, and Lake Champlain in the middle. Too bad there was smoke from forest fires in Quebec that made most of the photos hazy, but still…very pretty. Also, no humidity. Like, none. Which was kind of refreshing, but it also made it very chilly. Apparently it had snowed two weeks earlier, so, um, yea. Down South, beyond hot and humid, up North still winter?

Art installation in downtown Burlington. Lots of cows painted with various patterns…little toddler seems intrigued.

Ate dinner at Flatbread. THE BEST PIZZA EVER, HANDS DOWN FOLKS!! Everything is local, organic and fresh. They even make their own pepperoni, and trust me, you have NOT had pepperoni like this. This place kinda ruined any other kind of pizza for me.

These are flowers are in the Shelburne Farm garden. If you’re ever up in Vermont, you have to check this place out. It’s totally worth the $11 admission.

Heirloom poppies. They. Are. Huge. Like, as big as your head huge. Awesome.

We also had breakfast at The Skinny Pancake. Again, the food was beyond delicious, and they have the best apple cider.

Or on the sea, really. This photo was taken on my honeymoon in Jamaica, when we were coming back from our Catamaran cruise.  The sun was setting , we were drinking rum punch, and I could’ve stayed on that boat forever. I’m pretty sure being a beach bum is in my future. I’m really not sure what the structure above is, maybe some sort of hotel (if anyone does know, please tell), but it totally reminded me of something where Ariel would live. *sigh. One day I’ll go back….

So I was at Fintastic the other day, and I came across these little critters. They caught my eye because of the sorbet colored bodies, and really, what’s more fantastic than fish that could pass for ice cream (or candy?) Yumsies!! Apparently they are genetically engineered, hence the awesome colors. Scientists are also trying to manipulate fish to change colors depending on the temperature of the water, and/or detecting certain pollutants in the water. I really wanted to buy some, but at $10/fishy, it might be a bit much.

You can read more about them here, on the National University of Singapore site, where they were originally created.